73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

Paskelbta 11 Bal 2019
Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children (Saint, North and Chicago), Kim talks about motherhood, studying law, and their upcoming addition to the family.
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73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue
Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino


  • 2:30 I’m just watching the baby and Kanye 😂😂😂💞💞

  • Pls do jeffre star

  • 2:32 Kim is like “boy you got a bigger booty than me"

  • Now THIS IS A FAMILY, compare this lovely interview with the one that Kylie and Travis made...

  • Saint is mommys boy ♥ ♥ ♥ love it

  • Their house is gorgeous don't get me wrong but it feels so... unhomely.

  • Kim’s mansion is empty,I,d be depressed staying in this house

  • What three words would others use to describe you *sweet and smart*

  • The personality that was awesome

  • Some people in the comments istg😩

  • Interviewer: Whats The best part of eating? Kanye: *Chewing & tasting the food*

  • Interviewer: _Kanye, what's your favourite thing about food?_ Kanye: *_the chewing._*

  • she’s such a good mom

  • Kim KarTRASHian and Kanye weed smoker west suck. they both suck. Queen Taylor Swift is so much better

  • Her house is crazy spacious

  • I love the minimalism of their house to be honest. And the neutral color theme. Love the kitchen

  • 3:35 um does anybody else see Kanye trying to eat that baby

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  • North: I want to meet him (Bill Nye)! Will definitely meet Bill Nye because she’s not a regular kid.

  • 집 개쩌렁

  • kanye: kanye kanye: kanye

    • What😂😂

  • 73 questions Ariana grande

  • Next time can we get a 73 question with Kanye? Thanks.

  • Did she answer whole of 73Qs?

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  • When you say you love minimalism..your kitchen shows..

  • Kanye whats the best part of having lots of money kanye: paper

  • What will you be remembered by? MY MANY TALENTS.

  • Kanyes giving me real get out vibes lmao

  • She said I hate describing myself That’s far enough lol


  • 3:40 music stopped xD

  • This interview l00ks photoshopped

  • Oh god that's the most fake family ive ever seen

  • This is a beautiful house.

  • How do these celebs not have the things lying around like even when I clean my house I still have piles of books or my brothers toys or pet stuff like I’m confused where’s all their stuff?

  • lt-tv.net/tv/vaizdo-%C4%AFra%C5%A1as-ZMhgZ3v1-BU.html

  • Now seriously......7:45.......English is not my first language and I'd love to understand what she meant by that. A cavity? Does she mean a stain on a teeth?

  • what camera are you using? Tell me please

  • So useless, no point in this video, my God

  • I kinda feel sorry for them I don't know why

  • Interviewer: what’s the best part of living? Kanye: *inhales* breathing

  • Interviewer: what’s the best part of Kanye Kanye: The West

  • She hasn’t cried in 4 months.. can’t imagine

  • My first time trying to figure out why is she or the family so famous! After watching this, I got even more confused! She said, she hopes people stop staring at her butt, but she gets implants to make her butt even more catchy! And clearly, the FaceTime was a video! Why so many people like her?

  • so kanye what’s the best thing about being famous? - the fame

  • Racist House soooo white

  • Kim: We always keep it real Me: yea except your butttt

  • ❤️

  • Bruno Mars please

  • So staged lmao That FaceTime call with kris was so fake lmao to hang up she clicked the top left corner !?!

  • so boring empty house when u have kids :P but stunning stuff otherwise even if it wasnt many :P

  • If you have so much money... Why wouldnt you give some pair of yeezys...

  • Does anybody else think about how long they have to walk to get to the kitchen if they want a drink of water?

  • Kayne was the best part😂😂

  • 73 questions with Nicki Minaj please!

  • Why is this whole thing with the kids....

  • i was procrastinating and i somehow ended up watching this

  • This interviewer a straight lame

  • Kanye whats the best part about being a musician? Kanye: the music

  • Kanye is so weird 😂😂😂😂

  • Just tell the kids its not about them its always about Kim! Kim and 73 of her stupid answers.

  • So fake

  • their house looks like an…..empty house.

  • This was so cringy to watch

  • Where does she keep the straight jackets in that house? Looks a mental institution.

  • Kanye what’s your favorite drink? Kanye: wet.

  • Wow! It should be something very expensive to make her happy! I mean you guys are so superficial! The situation is very sad. I feel sorry for you guys.

  • Jesus died for the sins of the world. Let us receive Him and be saved. He loves us so much!!!!

  • When you have more money than you know what to do with and you choose to live in a hospital.

  • Jesus why i clicked now i feel dumb

  • It's a house or a Art museum.

  • "to be kind to others" OK mrs "I secretly recording Taylor swift giving kanye another chance on the phone and posted it on my snapchat to stab her in the back again"

  • 3:01 “ I want to play with the condom dad brought “ takes after her mother

  • People R people

  • Kanye is very mechanical

  • dumbest questions, dumbest answers

  • Who else is here after H3H3 flamed this interview?

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  • So scripted and practiced... cringe

  • I like her honesty, and she literally is pretty, stop the hate and jealousy

  • Okay I know her house doesn’t have much decoration/furniture but look how beautiful it still looks. Specially the kitten it’s so (I don’t even know the word for it but it’s beautiful)

  • Love this classy clean bright house, absolutely gorgeous 😍

  • Once they said fortnite… oh nah…

  • “Im smart” “i can smell when someone has a cavity” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂 really kim

  • Props to North

  • This interviewer needs to be fired...his voice, tone, and mannerisms are like nails on a chalkboard

    • This whole thing is cringe...even if they were playing it up to be a stage funny skit it's awful

  • This really shows that she’s an amazing/patient mother.

  • kim kardashians two week old 73 questions already beat taylor swifts 3 year old. we love a queen of exposing rats.

  • That was seriously the most boring thing I’ve watched. Ever. 😐

  • Kanye is just there minding his business and playing with the baby

  • That house is so empty its creepy. This whole thing is creepy.

  • Interviewer: “Kanye what’s your favourite thing about your name?” Kanye: “Kanye”

  • Couldn't they do the interview without the stupid kids

  • 1:45 Kanye like I hate this kids

  • Wow she just abused Kanye

  • Family business (song) is playing in the background in the bedroom

  • Title :"73 questions with Kim Kardashian" Interviewer: asks a thousand questions

  • Kanye makes me uncomfortable lmao