Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

Paskelbta 11 Bal 2019
Here's the link to the recipe I used:
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  • Why is julien always breathing so heavily

  • Is your show supposed to be a comedy and are you trying to look like a clown funny by drawing those ridiculous eyebrows and the most stupid looking fake eyelashes

  • 17:02 - 17:16 you can see how jenna doesn’t understand how she bears julien

  • Julen

  • Birthday twins 😂💕 Ariees season ♈️

  • Angel food ? 😂

  • julien is the literal embodiment of a child man baby and jenna is a annoyed mom

  • 오와우

  • This one is especially good

  • I am guessing you'd like to know this about sugar & didn't as I saw the CW bag.

  • A bunch of dog fucking child molesters liked this shite video. What a terrorist supporting piece of trash. Dog Fucking Whore bag!

  • Susan chef 🤣🤣🤣 "sous chef" is what you're searching for. Hahaha

  • this video had no intro!

  • yEP thATs aN AriEs

  • For your first time icing a cake, you did a hella good job. It is a finicky bitch to get icing the right piping consistency, so give yourself a pat on the back, and watch some Nailed It, you'll feel much better about your skills lol

  • The older Jenna gets the prettier she gets and Julian ofc!

  • Julien is a certified idiot..

  • Friendship goals (Happy BiRTHDAY Julien)

  • My birthday was the 15th

  • I didn’t know he was only 27

  • 9:10 can you turn a cr4ck rock into a mountain? Lol 'A Milli' reference

  • when julian told the thing on the stove to shut up i literally died

  • All of my birthdays 4:02

  • What? How is Julien 27 (one year younger than I)? I thought he was like 34-ish. Or maybe I just look too childish


  • the gluten free ad uwu

  • Remember when Julien bragged about having perfect vision two years ago? 17:48 is the epitome of karma y’all.

  • Love you guys xxx

  • Sooooo when's the baby?


  • Homemade cakes always look messy, yours looks amazing!

  • So are they not a couple

  • Julen

  • They're so funny

  • @ 13 min that’s how they’ll sound when they’re an old couple

  • Take a look at my channel! 😉

  • They love each other so much.

  • Vegan, but shitty sugar is ok. Lol

  • 17:55 was that peachy I see

  • Jena, mine will be a cool idea to do makeup for each other. Ie you do yourself makeup, as close as possible to Julian. And Julian does makeup to look like you. Please take off this video)

  • can u bake a big cookie

  • I think julien and Jenna should date they’d be such a cute couple

  • So fun!! More of these!!

  • "we floss as one" I've never laughed out loud so hard

  • No one Julien: *Lets put our hips together and floss as one*

  • Jenna: this is so relaxing! Julien: *Hold my beer*

  • General Marbles

  • so is julien's name spelled as julen and we've been spelling it wrong all this time? lmao

  • My best friends mom is 54 and says she is 21

  • this video wont play for me so im just gunna comment .---.

  • My boyfriends birthday is April 17th too :)

  • 7:13


  • Since y'all are 1. vegan 2. GF and 3. know you love some asian flavors thought I would share this cause it was AMAZING and pretty easy. We made it vegan with the Beyond Meat Sausage taken out of the casing and GF with Pasta Joy spaghetti and then Earth Balance for So good! hope you love it as much as we did.And Happy Birfday Julian!!

  • Man, I wish I could have a friendship like theirs

  • 9:18

  • Don't worry, Julie, as you get even older your distance vision gets BETTER ... because your near vision is about to deteriorate. ASK ME HOW I KNOW. I'm a 38-year-old laaaadyyy. 🎵

  • "Leaning tower of Julen " 🤣😄😂

  • I love Aries season. Sincerely, an Aries

  • Is he really 27? I thought he was older than Jenna

  • I love that Julien spells his name Jvlen on the cake🦄

  • OMG Julien on sugar is priceless :) LOLLL

  • cool friend bonding!! happy birthday julien!! you and jenna are such funny friends!!


  • 85% of their relationship is jenna panicking and trying to keep Julien alive

  • haha I'm a university student but I work part-time as a cake decorator and this was immensely entertaining

  • My brothers bday is apr 17!

  • Hell Year!

  • You are literally the best couple on the internet.

  • Awww I aspire to be just like Jenna when I’m a 32 year old lady

  • "you're so precise" "it's baking you can't just slop stuff in there HELLO" - my brother 'helping' me bake: a summary

  • I WOULD LIKE a vegetarian gluten free cake... like grow up people .... did they have gluten free things in the 1800s

  • "I do what I do, and you do what you can do about it." Their entire relationship.

  • Soooo cuteeeee 😩😍

  • You can refrigerate your frosting and if you struggle with layer cakes you can freeze the cake layers to make the job so much easier!

  • "Happy one year!" "... ɪ'ᴍ ᴛᴡᴇɴᴛʏ ꜱᴇᴠᴇɴ."

  • Jenna makes me feel okay about one day being 30.

  • I've never had a birthday cake lmao. Are they nice?

  • Julien: *Tastes cake. “Mine is delicious! What does yours taste like?” Jenna: *Tastes cake made from the exact same batter. “Really good!”

  • I've been waching her for more than a month and I just realized i have not been subscribed yet...

  • I want to see more of cement 😔🤠

  • 7:20 we’re just friends JuLiEn


    • also im 33 so i feel this 32 year lady stuff

  • The last 2-3 minutes were golden!

  • I haven’t watched Jenna in a couple of months and now out of nowhere she is PROFESSIONAL!!!

  • Yous are soooo cute! 😍😂😂

  • Jules makes me so happy that my man is a cancer. He’s still a man child, but like a much more manageable man child

  • Ro: *wasn't featured in the video * Jenna: *proceed to mention Ro 17 times *

  • HEYYYY!! Julien and I share the same birthday!! YAY ARIES

  • It is currently 5 am and I haven’t slept. I just watched the movie boy erased and cried. I’m meeting up with my friends for breakfast at 9:00 and I need help

  • This is probably my new favourite video of yours! You and Julien have such a great energy together. I loved every second of this video. So nice! Relationship goals! Or friendship goals?!

  • April 17th is my 10 year old Australian Shepherd's bday. HAPPY B-DAY JULIEN! ...i got you both beef soup bones? ...Max isn't vegan I'm sorry.

  • im almost a 33 yr old lady :(

  • iconic

  • I got a Bob's redmill ad before this video, hell gluten free ads for our gluten free dink!

  • bro juliens chaotic aries energy w jenna’s big virgo energy is a MOOD

  • I love watching Jenna be a *32 YeAr oLd LaDy*

  • i always forget how much older jenna is than julien oml

  • I love off camera mic julien

  • SHUT UUP thank you guys for coming out