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Paskelbta 12 Kov 2019
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  • Clocked that Egmont

  • I can't believe Ryland is engaged

  • 👨‍❤️‍👨

  • Omg you are 💍

  • #honey

  • its a shame the cat is gonna get raped

  • OMG I came back from camp for a week and found out that Shane proposed. I'm so sad I missed it but I'm so proud of you guys congratulations on your engagement and Roland I can wait to see you in a dress


  • That litter box is f*cking dope lol 😻💩

  • I like watching you struggling with building.

  • I love you guys, but Ryland is such a come mierda.

  • Ryland making cheeto run on the cat wheel reminds me of when I had to teach my mouse how to use his wheel. Literally took half a month😑. But Ryland I think when you put him on the wheel move the wheel in the direction you want and the cheeto should run on it. I don't know about this idea, but it worked for me, instead for my mouse lol.

  • Me thinking . . . 19:00, Shane: Are you okay? Me: No, Ryland got into the "Meowajuanna"

  • OMG. A little Kitty "Ro"box

  • This astrology youtuber looked over your relationship chart with Shane! I thought you'd be interested in watching it. 💙💙💙💙✨✨

  • They weren't engaged then...

  • Honey: Drinks water Ryland: Screams

  • I would think Shane would be the one to not flush the toilet btw I love yall

  • I have that cat water bowl my sister bought it.

  • Shane👉 👌cat🙀

  • dude i have the cat flower water thing!!

  • Shane bought every condom ad he saw for his cat

  • Congrats! ❤️❤️! I’m happy for you!

  • “Your welcome for your cat tree you little a hole!” 😂😂😂😂🤣 I was laughing for so long

  • You don't how happy I am to see you guys getting married! AHHH

  • Congrats Ryland!!!!

  • I love cheetoh he is so cute

  • Do you think Shane would do a theory video about 9-11 because whenever my mom goes through a drive threw, she always gets a total of 9.11, its creepy.

  • My cat got taken away 😞💔 not to long ago

  • Ryland is literally me. I freaking love you guys!!! You deserve everything the world has to offer.

  • 25:29 my mind watching jo jo seaweed

  • I heard the news, CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!

  • comments disabled for this video lol

  • i’m so happy for you guys!!! congrats! also cheeto is so cute

  • Little did he know that 1 week later, he would get engaged!!!! 💍💍💍

  • ❤️

  • yikes...

  • Ryland: spends over 1000$ on cat stuff Me: *Orders food off of the 1$ menu*

  • I need that cat litter for my cat he’s so messy with his cat litter 😭

  • I died when Cheeto attacked them. 😂

  • I’m so happy for you all! Congrats of your engagement! Luv y’all sm! 💕💕

  • 1:16 run

  • Ryland looks like logic with those damn glasses

  • What about the dogs 😕 ?


  • Did Shane nut on your cat also?

  • I have 3 cats 🐈

  • Looks like you might hit 4m subscribers today! Congrats! And congrats on you and Shane’s engagement!! So happy for you guys! 💕💕

  • Congratulations on the engagement!!!! I am bursting with excitement!

  • just something I'd like to put out there for Shane. I am so fucking sorry that dickheads out there are attacking you for something so stupid as a slightly controversial joke, everyone's so sensitive nowadays and can't seem to take people's different humour, despite having PROBABLY watched your videos and knowing that you CONSTANTLY make jokes similar to that, AND IT'S SO FUCKING OBVIOUS THAT YOU'RE JOKING. people are assholes, and I'm sorry about that. Neither of you is going to see this but I don't care, this is also for the stupid ass fans attacking him for what he said. Shame on you. haha, Shane on you. I'm sorry. But, seriously. SHANE. DID. NOTHING. WRONG. thank you for your time

  • so happy for you guys i can not whait for the wedding

  • Imagine being this rich

  • 4:05 😯

  • See now I wanted to comment i was happy on a different video but this was the most recent of your. Congratulations Ryland and Shane you guys have been my favorite couple since you got together on LT-tv.

  • Subscribe to me if u love yo mum

  • Buy your cat a life size Shane Dawson pillow

  • Thanks for the reviews .. :")

  • Who else is watching after Shane's humping a cat scandal?

  • So are Shane and the cat still together?

  • They are engaged!!!!! So happy for them.

  • 11:56 Ryland's reaction to Honey drinking from the water fountain is ALSO ME WHEN MY DOG ACTUALLY USES THE DOG TOYS I BOUGHT FOR HIM

  • 10:03 *28 dollars* Jk love you ryland

  • Congrats on getting engaged

  • I don’t believe he did it, but watching Cheeto and Shane interact now makes me feel uncomfortable lol

  • i have 4 cats

  • I rewatched the part where you talked about your dogs diarrhea like 4 times because that was so funny. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is it wrong to put my dick inside my cat..I have the cat consent..he say meow

  • Might wanna keep the cats away from Shane

  • I need a new video right MEOW!!!

  • Ryland and Shane must be FELINE pretty good now they’re engaged!

  • This video is me with my cat jinx

  • What a good loving dad


  • Am I the only one who laughs when a cat goes on the wheel

  • Maybe find a kitten/cat foster place and donate the wheel. That would be awesome. Great video.

  • I'm so poor, almost homeless. And I'm so jealous.

  • Try not to cum on him


  • Careful. Shane is a cat *lover* ...if you know what I mean

  • when ryland started drinking out of the fountain thing i lost it

  • Why doesn’t Shane post any more I had to go to Andrew to find him again upload again!!!

  • I’m so happy you go engaged


  • Who's here after the engagement!?

  • Personally, I would have enjoyed watching Ryland attempting to build everything 😂

  • We love a strong sister

  • Who watches a cat pee

  • *ok but the funniest most uncomfortable thing they could do is read shyland fanfic on wattpad and i need it to happen NOW*

  • Congrats on the marriage Love you and Shawn #POWERCOUPLE

  • *ryland where is the engagement video it’s been too long we’re waiting*

  • I feel bad for Cheeto honestly

  • Post more !!!!

  • this was posted at the WRONG time

    • Aliyah jade is a bird nerd new follower here. Why was it posted at the wrong time?

  • “Furbro... Fur-bo, oh, Furbo.” *continues to say furbro”

  • I like how Cheato was in the litter box

  • Omg congrats you guys! You guys have always been cuties to me! 💞💞💞💞🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Hey little kitty is your butt still hurting? Lmao

  • 🐈

  • When I heard they got engaged I actually screamed "About Fucking Time." In church.

  • Lol I have the same litter box