Paskelbta 31 Kov 2019
Roomie’s video:
Dave’s BTS video:
Stream “Congratulations”:
Music & Lyrics: David Paul Brown
Music & Lyrics: Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Filmed & edited by
Mixed by Eric Johansson at
Beat production by Apollo V
Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
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  • 1:45 Congratu- *Loootions*

  • Me:Big sister sing a song from your time My big sister:BITCH LASANGA My kids:Sing a song from your time! Me:Hey congratulations! Grandkids:Sing a song from your time! My kid:Welp, this song I HATE from my time *Sings T-series songs* THIS IS THE LIFE CYCLE

  • Tbh i actually liked this song im downloading it now lol

  • 0:27 did he raise up the middle finger on purpose???

  • the best music vid💪👌

  • 9 year old army where are you?

  • But Pewds is still no. 1

  • T gei

  • T-series GAY. ¡¡¡¡I LIKE MÚSIC!!!

  • India lol

  • 1:30 T-Gei lmao

  • T series Its your big day *i* t *s* your bi *g* d *ay* *is gay* 🤣

    • Holy moly really

  • To think that an army of 9 year olds vs a country lasted for months

  • I think we need congratz v1.2 right now

  • Sub to PewDiePie

  • Sub to PewDIePie

  • Sub to PewDiePie

  • I'm not even kidding. *I want this at my funeral because it means that I made it to the end of life*

  • T gay

  • Türk olanlar burdamı????

  • T gay T gay T gay T gay T gay T gay Hey congratulations

  • My kids: Mom can you tell me about wars? Me: Well, there’s this T-series Vs Pewdiepie... My kids: Mama, I saw that online, there’s songs, can you sing it? Me: *locks kids in the basement with no internet and technology.*

  • T t t t sieries?

  • I'm gonna show this video when I have kids and tell them about the big battle

  • We have a army of nine year olds!!!! Sub to PewDiePie

  • If pewds does music videos can got to 200mil before t-rash gets to 100mil

  • 1:17 Bangladesh is a different country! That line has affected many 9 year old army of Bangladesh!

  • Sub to PewDiePie

  • Sub to PewDiePie


  • I'm from India .... flip off t-series Indian 9 year olds have VPN

  • And of course MrBeast had to be at the end

  • India: Bans Congratulations VPN: *Im about to end this nation whole carrer*

  • *China has the biggest army in the world, with 2,183,000 personnel* 95.000.000 pewdiepieders "Are we a joke to you?"

  • Teachers&Principal: Congratz Students! Me: Now Its My Time! *sneaks loud speakers* My Classmate: Hey What You Doin? Me: Just Wait To Get Your Answer *Puts Song To Loudspeaker*

  • T-Series: *passed Pewdiepie* Me: Ah Sh*t, here we go again

  • It's amazing bro


  • tesieris l

  • April mop

  • dad :why are you crying so damn loud Me:


  • PewDiePie is actually really chill and nice about this

  • Pewdiepie is the best. 🇨🇷​

  • "One last bro fist from the number one in the word" **Punches screen** "THE LAST BRO FIST!!"😭

  • Like!

  • Pewdiepie must win cause my whole class is subscribed

  • I'm surprised that T series hasn't replied yet

  • PewDiePie you da best

  • We need idubbbz Content cop

  • Русские есть?

  • This video made me happy!

  • PewDiePie is still my favourite

  • OMG T SERIES BEAT PEWDIEPIE 😮 🙀🙀🙀 btw I luv the song

  • WTF?

  • *If you like Pewdiepie Click here* 👇

  • All dislikes = all channels of India and T series ... Imao

  • Nice

  • PewDiePie isn’t congratulating T-Series. You can obviously tell it’s just a last ditch effort

  • Best one in the world #1 we are with you till the end #pewds_army if everyone will unsubscribe i won't I'll stick with you bro

  • 2:50 the sad part (not really) Unsub to t series

  • Pewds: Bitch Lasagna India: BAN! Pewds,Roomie, Boyinaband: Congratulations!! India: BAN!!! ... how about let Marzia, Aloona, and Brad make the 3rd diss track? HMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Your number 1 meme channel pew

  • Sent this to T series they got pissed

  • T séries past you

  • Пьюдипай я верю ты сможешь набрать 100 000 000 миллионов быстрее, чем т-сирис. Надо немного поднвжать

  • 0:28 put the glasses with the middle finger 1 LIKE = 1🎉 !!

  • hi mrbeast 4:10

  • я русс

  • At the end it doesn't matter, because Music is still the #1 youtuber

  • 1m like my comient🐸

  • dislike hvis du forstår dansk.

  • Sub to pewdiepie

  • You Know Who The Best Person In The World Is? Read the first word!

  • 2076: T-Series took over the world Me: Worshipping Pewd in secret

  • PewDiePie Is The best , i love you ,

  • Congratulations part 2?

  • Наши есть ?

  • Imagine if T series doesn't even know that this is going on

  • Brofist

  • Dont subscribe to T-Series

  • I asked my family which ones to they prefer tea or pie? My mother:pie My sister:pie My cousin:pie My brother:pie My father: tea Pie is pewdiepie tea is t-series

  • T-Series is not big day ;-;

  • K wena rola

  • Algum Br? Deixa o like sksk

  • When happen when the war begin then friendly what kinda of youtube war is this

  • when pewds goes song super saiyen

  • 0:28

  • T series is tik tok O_o

  • Pewds, I want to be the biological 9 year old son of you.

  • Hello I'm from Thailand yoyo

  • Piewdibots 😂

  • Nice

  • T-Series is losing because he uses fake subs and yea just wanted you to know. Have a happy Easter

  • India: Bans pewdiepie's disstracks Indians: VPN TIME FEW MONTHS LATER India: Hell nah. India: Bans VPN Indians: Uses VPN to use VPN to watch pewdiepies' disstracks

  • Kids from 2040 sings a new song Me : hold my brofist

  • Why does t series make so much subs t series is so dodo I rather die then sub to t series

  • I know FlareTv will beat T series

  • Pewdiepie height:

  • t series pass pewd when he was not that popular..