Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!

Paskelbta 14 Bal 2019
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MrBeast is best known for donating and/or giving away a LOT of money - sometimes as part of some crazy challenge. In one video, MrBeast gave his friends $100,000 to spend in ONE HOUR. They all spent the money in a different way - some smart, some more... extravagant. Now, you can't blame someone for wanting to buy a lamborghini when you hand them the cash to do it, but this challenge really made me wonder about something. What is the best, most profitable way to spend $100k in one hour? How can you "win" this challenge and possibly even come out ahead of the game? Well Theorists, start taking notes in case you ever find yourself pulled into one of MrBeast's crazy schemes because I'm going to teach you how to beat the Beast at his game!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The best way to spend the money is on Lego. I mean seriously, after they retire a set it doubles or sometimes tripled in price, as long as it’s in mint condition

  • ya know, when mrbeast is sponsored, it's kind of dumb. when companies want to sponsor mrbeast, they say, "here's a bunch of money, it's like $10,000. someone's gunna have to pay tax for that." that's something that i think personally scares him, but with youtube, he gets paid either way. so, he uses the money because he knows he's going to get paid, i guess. so he does stuff with the money like donating to twitch streamers, or donating to homeless people, or buying a lamborghini aventador s. he gets paid because, well to be honest, all his videos these days go viral. that's what makes him one of the fastest growing channels on the planet. but the real scary part of this crazy adventure he's taking, is the tax. from what i could imagine, it's over $1,200,000. and if we're lucky, he can pay them off. which he probably will.

  • Visa gift cards!

  • bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyebye

  • petscop?????

  • lmao

  • what I was thinking when I saw the challenge I was just like... but the STOCKSSSS BOII


  • Mat pat I have a question for you plz answer this. Are you ever going to do the FNaF timeline part 2

  • or the best way to spend it is on steam community market csgo skins


  • Buys 10k worth of a thing (like gold or silver) and then sell it after the hour.


  • YAAAAY NC the best state I’m from nc

  • I’d buy a top tier gaming pc and the rest would probably go on cameras - who doesn’t like a Leica?

  • Instead of getting a EXOTIC PET maybe get a rabbit, cat or dog?...

  • Petscop 17 baby ..... your welcome


  • Ay! Nc in the house!

  • Pat pat you know when you did fnaf theory's what happened to the older brother?

  • They came out with petscop 17

  • Ok, can I order online or do I have to buy it in person? Because Game is a long drive away and I want to buy out EVERYTHING in the shop

  • ok how did he not mention you could buy a tesla in the list of cars

  • dude just buy a bunch of jewelry and return after the challenge is over

  • He's from North Carolina you know

  • Petscop 17 is out

  • Mr.Beast is generous and also... Idk what word fits with it

  • I didn't know that this was a game lol

  • ...I thought you were going to say theorist merch

  • Hey wheres the petscop video.

  • Bro I'd just buy legos and tech IDC how much they r worth 100k baby

  • Can't I just buy 100.000$ worth of gold and sell it back for $84.000 afterwards?

  • I thought you were gonna say theorist merch

  • Matpat their's a now petscop episode out it was uploaded through the night at some point

  • Hey Matpat whats better spidermans senses or a witchers senses from the witcher series

  • hello internet. welcome to tseries

  • wait, for the kirby video i get that hes able to float down slower by inflating but how does he stay up, heck, even go up a little more by sucking in more air?

  • I wasted a third of my time watching this.

  • If i got a hundred thousand dollars i would probably buy bts merch and bts clothes😂 well i cant blame me i love them so..... Bye . Btw i love matpat im subscribe to you since 2017 your videos is awesome both game theory and film theory also gtlive💜💜💓

  • 13:37 title of your sex tape Sorry cuz I had to do it 😂😂😂

  • Ur very smart but in new Zealand I would just but a lot of tech such as ps4s Xbox ones phones and a giant safe made of gold or something then i would get a whole bunch of games for my ps4 then I won't technically spend it but I will give it to the rest of my family and some homeless people. Its way better cause u make other people happy as we'll and then I'll just buy my some McDonald's or burgerking or somthing

  • He should’ve said to buy his merch

  • get a Tesla

  • surely you could just buy a bunch of random crap from different stores and then just not remove the tags, keep the receipts, and return it when the hour's up? u get your $100,000 back and all the time in the world to figure out how to invest it

  • Buys BTS merch online and gives the rest to charity

  • At 13:20 I thought you were going to say theorist merch


  • a game theory? it's LT-tv.

  • wgo else got a ad with mr beast in it

  • Petscop 17 mattypatty


  • Ok, I'm just gonna get whatever I see that looks nice...

  • *just put it in a bank* technically spending it, but you can take it all back literally the next day

  • Hey MattPat, the newest installment of Petscop came in and it revealed some important stuff. Check it out.

  • You can't spend time on a website buying index funds because he gives cash... that's part of the difficulty in the challenge

  • Plot twist: Game Theory is actually never about games

  • *puts all money in bank account*

  • I don’t really like the irl things



  • Get you all three hatchbacks!! Focus RS Focus ST and Firsta ST 👌👍

  • Where my Carolinians at!!! Im from Durham N.C

  • Stocks

  • Okay but the Steph and MatPat skit was amazing, need more random but good, diverse content like that!!


  • Matpat Matpat Matpat Matpat Matpat

  • Two words, petscop 17

  • Petscop 17 just came out

  • Matpat Petscop 17 just came out you need to do another theory

  • buy gold

  • 12:50 BROOKLYN NINE NINE!!!!

  • Have fun with petscop!

  • Petscop 17!!!! IT CAME OUT!

  • He's. Back.

  • I’m going to put out a recommendation for a future video. Try and see who is the strongest fire emblem character in the games based off of all possible weapons such as comparing marth’s falchion with Roy’s binding blade just to see who is the overall strongest fire emblem character based off there weapons abilities.

  • I was thinking spending it on gift cards, because that increases the time you could spend it in.

  • New petscop is out boiiiiiis

  • Just to notify you guys, Petscop 17 has just came out. Got notified today about it, And it's more in depth then Salad Fingers ep 11 with the noises at the begining. Something I'd thought I'd notify you about.

  • hey Matt Pat just wanna let you know petscop 17 is out

  • Petscop 17 is out

  • Petscop 17 is out

  • Petscop 17 is out

  • Petscop 17 is out

  • im at the beginning so idk if this is his solution but im just gonna say investing in stock would be the way to go because youd basically still have the money and have "spent" it so youd keep it

  • 2:24

  • wait why is this on game theory?

  • Yandere simulator

  • Mr.Beast is basically ricegum but he doesn't flex he gives back to the community

  • Matt patt all you have to do to get me hooked is say oh and listen to how I go into detail about this small thing and take up most of the entire video then bam bruh you got me hooked the whole video 😂

  • Donate to charity.


  • Mr. Beast - help a brother out. Trying to get girlfriend a nice gift. BTC Address: 3H7prtXxEribmyZ8F2dZfNqE6dHB7x92Nv

  • Not to be that guy, but you can only put $6,000 into a traditional IRA in a single year. Still sticking the rest into index fund on the taxable side would still be good for growth, your not going to be beating the 1 hour challenge with just an IRA investment. I do agree that investing in an index fund would be the best move.

  • Again I could only imagine to be friends with someone like you.

  • Why does the purple kill childern

  • One Q

  • In case anyone here didn’t know, mr.beast is from North Carolina

  • I'd probably get gold....

  • Could you look into something on StardewValley. I have reason to believe that the character Sebastian's dad is the old mariener. To let you know, Sebastian lives in his mother's basement. His half-sister and step-father don't really like him. He has dark eyes, dark hair, and goes to the beach on rainy days. He spends most of his time alone and wants to go to Zulu City. But back to his looks. The old mariener also has dark hair which his mom is a ginger with light blue eyes. Once the player repairs the bridge near Elliot's house on the beach, on rainy days you can buy a mermaids pendant, thinking you have met the requirements. There is a ton of missing parents and secrets that would be fun to watch. Thanks for reading.

  • Is matpat a God encased in a mortal being who's soul purpose is to drink all the diet coke in the world and then destroy it along side thanos and lord shaggy