He Hid from his Boss All Day... AGAIN (You'll Never Guess How He Did It)

Paskelbta 13 Bal 2019
Danny's goal is to hide from Jamie for the entire day while remaining in plain sight. Can he do it?
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Danny and Jamie go head to head in another epic hide and seek game. Danny gets to hide at work for the entire day so long as Jamie does not discover him. Find out just how long Danny lasts.
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  • If you do one where Jamie then do the point of view of the person hiding in plain sight

  • I used to watch you guys like 5 years ago

  • What is the 0:13 music? I lOVEEEEEEEEEEE it. Please tell me

  • This is basically prop hunt

  • I knew he used speakers for peeee

  • My boss barely breaks a smile never mind this ..

  • Part 3 ???

  • He should disguise himself as someone else

  • he should do a similar thing but get other people to spray liquid ass and change shoes and so on but he go hide somewhere even cooler

  • I’d of done in the vents

  • I read the title as ‘he did his boss all day AGAIN’

  • I chould hide from you all day

  • I knew it! I was thinking in my mind that he just got a bunch of clothes and stayed there and changed every time.OMG! I actually got it right!

  • I expect him to dress up like the camera man and just follow him everywhere

  • There are no fire sprinklers In this building from looking at this video, are there some I didnt see

  • Maybe danny is the CAMERAMAN

  • Yes I could


  • Please do a part 3!!!!! Who agrees?

  • Part 3?

  • Basically he’s working (making content) while hiding from his boss..

  • Taking a dumb to avoid my boss ..... You have my interest.

  • danny *danny* _danny_ *_danny_*

  • I knew it right after he went in the second time

  • I figured it put the second trip to the washroom. Everyone TOTALLY cares about this comment im soooooo “cool”

  • Dang I already want like Series of these

  • try me

  • You’ll never guess how he did it **shows in thumbnail**

  • Switch roles see who can out hide each other

  • epic

  • That person so said I tried was danny

  • As soon as he went into the bathroom the first time i thought it would be genuis if sat there swapping shoes every once and a while

  • Hi

  • Plzzz do a three one


  • Do a part 3 plzzz

  • I am confident I can

  • Cant he hide on the roof?

  • Ni

  • 5:44 That sounded like the speaker!!

  • Here is my prediction He is in the stall changing shoes and he keeps spraying liquid ass

  • What kind of job is this

  • more more more more we need more

  • He’s going through a identity crisis

  • he should hide as the camera man. lol

  • You should switch it up: Jamie hides and Danny looks for him instead!

  • Hey Jamie I bet almost one hundred buck you can’t find me

  • Plz sub to me

  • He’s in the bathroom 🚽 prolly using ass spray and choosing different shoes and the speaker is probably for using a different voice saying occupied

  • Alright

  • I'm 8 years old and I'm 4 ft tall do you think I can hide in one of the boxes do you have you have plenty I can fit in one of those and you'd have no clue that I I would be in there yeah Danny not a good hiding spot hide in one of the boxes next time or duct tape yourself to ceiling your boss will never know

  • PART 3!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plot twist he didn't come to work

  • Next time he should hide as the camera man

  • One time I hid from my boss in a place I knew he would never look... .....Inside his wife’s vagina.

  • this is just an ad for liquid ass

  • Why do you look like pewdiepie

  • at least danny gave you views

  • please do more omg

  • Who else actually guessed that he was in the toilet just changing shoes

  • plz do part 3

  • Do a number 3

  • MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • What about switching roles? Danny finds you instead of the other way around.

  • i want to do this

  • Haven’t seen all the video but I think I know where he is he’s in the bath room and sprayed liquid ass edit knew it

  • That was super clever, but I was on it after the first time he opened the bathroom door.

  • Dani is so smart

  • I like how Adam is the boss in the thumbnail lmao.

  • I do and would do the challenge of me hiding and you look for me

  • What about every body hiding in the building but still working.... And jamie is seeking you!!

  • Best way to do a office tour

  • That office is a mess

  • What is this workplace it looks so messy but like a home

  • the reason he cant smell the 'smell' is because after you smell something for too long you stops notifying your brain that it's there

  • Is it me or does I think his name is Ben sounds just like John Mulaney (idk if if spelt the right(

  • Now swap roles

  • I think i can

  • Can you do another he hid from his boss for the whole day

  • Yesi i tkink 😂😂

  • I am a pro at hide and seek

  • A gold on youtube.. At first I thought this is a clickbait but I guess I'm wrong..

  • Wowowwoowowowo

  • I'm sorry already. But if you see someone on the toilet and he doesn't answer. What are you still doing

  • How about Ben is next I like vat19

  • 6:37 Forshadowing🤔🤔

  • Find My Iphone would be working so great in this situation if Jamie had Danny's phone number and password

  • More of these.

  • As soon as i heard occupied, i KNEW it was a soundboard, also when the shoes changed in the same stall

  • You need to do a whole series about this

  • Can you guys save me a polar pen and I will get you cash but I will tell you when I get the money. Thanks

  • Hide and seek getting fired edition

  • Can you hide from Danny tho?

  • this sounds pretty scripted

  • This has been in my recommendations for bloody ever. I will inform you what I think of it after it has finished. My thoughts: it was not worth it

  • Do more!!

  • I bet I can hide from you all day I’m the best at hiding because I’m small

  • I think I can hide from you

  • I knew from the beginning that there would be a product in there somewhere.

  • Jamie has a Tesla it’s dope!!!