Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Paskelbta 14 Kov 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • 1:56 Iron man comes back to earth confirmed

  • What do I want in Avengers Endgame more than anything? The same thing I wanted before infinity war. NEBULA’S ARMY (aka everyone else) have her make a dramatic speech about how she will punch his face in. And then ultimately do so with starlord, Gamora, Tony, and Loki

  • Thanos : *snaps* Sandman : *becomes sand before he snaps so he doesnt turn into dust*

  • I cant wait for this

  • Anyone who gives this a thumbs down is a soulless human

  • It doesn't really matter if ANY of the IMPORTANT avengers die (cap, iron man, Thor, ant man) bc nothing ever lasts forever

  • Whatever it takes

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Why is no one commenting on the fact that at the end, Thor was holding Mjolnir???

  • I can't wait!

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... why isn't it April 26 yet. Hello, calendar, hurry up please

  • Hey, missed!! Too bad...

  • I got chills

  • I Like Black Widow & Ash The Porcupine

  • 1 finger 2 fingers 3 fingers AntMan

  • I don't think iron man should have been shown alive

  • Que bueno tío que guapo

  • Du mo hang ngon vay? tai sao ben toi van chua co nhi| toan 1 mon do deu khong vay 1:38 nhu vay ???.

  • What’s Captain America’s favorite food? Bananas 🍌

  • we all know what ant man is bouta do

  • Some people like age of ultron ...... but not us

  • I love it

  • 2:14 you know captain marvel didn’t flinch because Thor doesnt aim for the head

  • This movie will have half of the turnover Since the half is already killed by Thanos :D

  • This trailer I like it *Throws phone on ground* ANOTHA!

  • Excited that this new movie is coming out, just hope it isn’t rushed.

  • Nobody: Black widow: pew pew

  • I always think how is it fair that all the avengers and villains break 2nd law of thermodunamics yet never see them pigging out at buffet.


  • In the second infinity war trailer they show a scene after thanos says “ I hope they remember you “ and then it shows tony all beat up and about to die and that was when thanos stabs him , in this trailer they show cap beat up and about to die like tony in the second infinity war trailer

  • 1:32:. Yes gavião

  • Whos the enemy?

  • nooo the last episodde of the avengers

  • Marvel died with Stan. The mouse is a rat!

  • Disney bought the studio and killed off half of the characters so Disney can remake them I’m like Disney don’t be touching superhero’s they are already perfect we don’t want super Donald and goofy

  • Look at the avengers symbol at the end. See the cracks being repaired? That probably means something more. Like the cracks are the broken relationships between all the avengers, and is being repaired by coming together again to stop something beyond them. To fight the battles *they* never could. Therefore the *A* is being repaired. The avengers are repaired. Broken pieces coming back to make the symbol *whole.*

  • Captain Marvel: "Omae wa mo shindeiru" Thanos: "Nani ?!"

  • Everybody training to go for the head💯🏹🎯🔫🔨

  • Steve: Bananas Banner: What?

  • [*Dream Avengers Scene*] *The camera pans to Avengers HQ* Antman and the rest talk about their next plan of action, going back in time again for the second time. A light starts to reflect on Ant Man’s suit. A light flashes and starts to get brighter outside. Everyone starts to slowly notice, faces filled with nervousness. They all rush outside with no time to spare and see Thanos’s army unaccompanied lined up... Thanos gives a speech warning the Avengers on not to tamper on what damage has already been done. Cap cuts him off, and raises his shield. Thanos was prepared for a fight having a huge smirk on his face. Camera shot pans to a single line of Avengers and this is how it goes Cap raises his Shield Tony calls his suit War Machine puts his suit on Scott’s helmet goes down Nat strikes her batons onto the floor Ronin pulls out his Bow and Sword Cap Marvel goes Binary Thor raises Stormbreaker into the sky and thunder starts to light the ground, he changes into his Ragnarok Outfit Rocket loads up his gun Nebula pulls out her Batons Cap shouts for one last time...”AVENGERS...ASSEMBLE!” Outta nowhere Professor Hulk breaks out of Avengers HQ and both “armies” charge at eachother resembling a similar shot from Age Of Ultron. BOOM!

  • Finally, Hawkeyes done playing Tag.

  • The best thing we can do after we see end game is tell the movie theater guy to start it over

  • Tbh thought the trailer was fanmade for a moment

  • ya no puedo esperar para verlo 😪😪

  • Who’s watched captain marvel I think she will be in end game also guys if you sub to me and like I will do it back anyway bye enjoy!

  • Avenger 26 de abril

  • For Stan Lee Cap : What ever it takes! Tony : What ever it takes! Thor : What ever it takes! Hulk : What ever it takes! Hawey : What ever it takes! Widow : What ever it takes!

  • Some people watch this trailer once But not us NOT US

  • I'm just waiting for antman to expand inside Thanos.

  • Why is no one mentioning Adam Warlock from the Souvereign? It's a post credit scene from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (the golden cocoon). He's one of the most powerful beings in Marvel and of vital importance in the fight against Thanos. At least in the comics.

  • Whatever it takes... ‘Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins!

  • Where’s ma boy shaggy at?

  • Du mo hang ngon the? sao ben toi van chua co nhi| toan 6 mon do kem khong vay 8:5 nhu vay ??.

  • DKM hang ngon the? sao ben anh van chua co nhi| toan 4 mon do VIP khong vay 3:17 nhu vay ??.

  • DKM hang ngon the? sao ben anh van chua co nhi| toan 4 mon do VIP khong vay 3:17 nhu vay ??.

  • This will surpass the Avatar in gross sales.

  • 2:12 Thor dresses like Eminem now?

  • Has anybody checked Imbd for endgame there are so many major characters missing

  • "The world has changed" BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM

  • 1:56 who else saw tony stark

  • 1:37


  • How y’all just not gone show Thanos

  • Thor is stronger than Captain Marvel 🤩🤩, like if u agree

  • 26th April Come Fast ❤️

  • Am I the only one who keeps coming back to this like everyday

  • My friends watched this trailer once .. but me 10000000000000000000000000

  • 2:13 acting 100

  • That music when 'Endgame' shows up is just epic!

  • Captain Marvel:😶 Thor:😡 Captain Marvel:😶 Thor:😡 🔨 Captain Marvel:😏 Thor: 🤩 i like this one hehe

  • best trailer ever

  • Black Widow’s handgun defeats Thanos confirmed

  • This is now my 15th time watching this.......

  • *Who else cried when spider man died*

  • y thanos ? donde esta mi héroe thanos

  • Rocket to war machine How much for the suit


  • Everyone can do what she can

  • Black widow is so useless

  • We all now know tony did not die check 1:57

    • Nikeboy_king could be fake footage just like hulk in the infinity War trailer

  • If the people who made Captain Marvel are to make Endgame, they'll portray the Avengers trying to supress her and as hindrances to her while she gets to boast of her powers and mock Hawkeye and Antman.

  • If you're reading this cash app me a dollar $TrashGod3n7 dont worry its to buy a ticket for end game when it comes out

  • Should have gone for the head.

  • March is taking too long. I want it to be April so I can watch Endgame.

  • Hawkeye’s Stylist Got Snapped Halfway Through His Cut DAYUM.

  • I feel like everyone who said “Whatever it takes” in this trailer is probably going to die in this movie.

  • There was a 50% chance that Thanos would die in the snap.

  • The Avengers suffered heavy defeat in their biggest battle yet, it cost them their comrades and half the universe. They failed and they must learn what they did wrong. Captain Marvel comes in. She's never wrong, always the right one and is the "strongest, most powerful hero", despite missing out their biggest battle and pretty much all the other battles too. She comes in and make the Avengers seem like a bunch of losers.

  • I wish this party is outstanding

  • Wasn’t Thor’s mjolner destroyed? 🤔 There should be the strombreaker here instead of that 🙄

  • Is captain marvel in the movie?

  • last year it was evacuate the house engage to the movies and get this man a coke now it is every one said to go on the 27th some do but not us even if their is a small chance that their a tickets we owe this to stan WE WILL GO 26TH what ever it takes

  • Plot twist: hulk kills thanos

  • ..


  • Who else watched big tv spot. Who else noticed that 0.20 thor is at thanos place

  • I think thor and captain marvel will kill thanos

  • 1:40 when they match the music with her gunshots is actually kinda nice

  • Bananas ❤️

  • who ever disliked this must watch alia