The movie that SHOULDVE WON an Oscar!

Paskelbta 6 Kov 2019
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  • I have a copy of that book at 7.18

  • i got rtx 2070

  • 18:08 - 18:22 is the entire plot of the movie, this movie was meant to not make sense to anyone watching it...

  • the blood looks real enough at least

  • The acting is top notch. I can’t believe it.

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  • Neil Breen, what a guy.

  • 24:54 She uses the light of Jesus.

  • 10.31 sneaky brad

  • Still more qualified for an Oscar than Black Panther.


  • 9:15-9:30, I KNEW ITTT!! Yay😲😃❗️

  • Alita shouldve

  • RiffTrax, I hope you're seeing this.

  • Imagine a movie with Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau

  • I feel like he is better off writing a book than making a film.

  • I can't imagine my reaction while watching the whole footage like pewds.

  • Brain cancer? Well maybe that's cuz she hasn't been eating that awesome bowl of fruit at 18:39 Silly kid.

  • Go pewdiepie you can beat t-series a.k.a t gay

  • Nobody: PewDiePie: takes 2:30 to start a video

  • 17:53 Also happens in Malmö, Sweden... For... "unknown" reasons... *Cough* =)

  • But.....RTS is Real-Time Strategy

  • Sub

  • Neil may be the man with 5 laptops, but Mark is a man WITH 5 OVENS! Checkmate Neil

  • When he pulled the laptop out of the rocks I fricking lost it lol

  • His name is even Tim and Eric style lol

  • You need to watch Tokyo gore police... best movie

  • 5:56 yea my uncle died while he was eating tuna from a can back in 2004 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭 R.I.P uncle jim

  • A laptop

  • Call Guinness. We've found the quickest minute man necrophiliac. Lol

  • Neil Breen to host meme review??🤷‍♂️

  • 18:21 The man like can I have some water please. Then the kid gets up and takes the cup but the cup is full 😑😐

  • Watch closely and keep on pausing and playing the video at 10:30

  • You should also watch another Neil broom from India his name is Ram Rahim he is another level legend 😀

  • Hes she sub l'm go =)

  • That one lady actor who woke up from being unconscious is no doubt the best actor in this entire film

  • This movie is great and all until u realize that Neil Breen is just tryna copy the real film director, Tommy Wiseau.

  • 2:26 video begins

  • Neil Breen *Agility 100*

  • This movie is a perfect 5/7

  • He needs to host meme review

  • Then Sony or some other Company claims this video

  • howd he find so many laptops 🤣

  • yet another disaster artist lol It's like, The Room gets hit with A CHALLENGER APPEARS

  • this guy has a fetish on laptops or sth lol

  • Hello pew

  • Good video

  • In memory of Desert Santa.

  • This is better then the room

  • Not a genius? Excuse me? It takes a genius to drop two cans of tuna on your pants while eating one can of tuna...

  • I am not a hater, but i laugh on every scene.

  • The Laptop Abuser

  • Watching this on my laptop🙋

  • bring back 5 weird stuff online

  • This man and his laptops are a meme without anyone even making it a meme

  • i am gonna download this movie from pornhub

  • A 1080p video, no way

  • The ending: And Neil Breen ate Tuna Can happily ever after.

  • I think Neil Breen is a wannabe Nicholas Cage

  • Neil breen hosts meme reveiw?

  • This movie is making me very angry....hahahahahaha omg wtf is this!

  • i cant believe youve done this

  • Why do I feel like Neil Breen is gonna run into the command center from MMPR at some point during this movie?

  • Neil breen to host meme review?

  • the credits just freakingly awesome

  • Brads editing is so choppy I can’t seem to follow the story of the movie

  • The most realistic movie, is this movie in 4K

  • 2 Stars. I loved the movie it is one of my favorites but I put 2 stars because it didn’t star Neil Brein

  • He looks like old tobuscus

  • In twenty years there will be a box office movie about neil breen and his movie production.

  • Neil in the thumbnail lol

  • 23:00 do I smell a new meme format

  • This movie is great I would give it a 0/5

  • Not enough Neil breen

  • I can't even think of a joke for this, I would disown him as a father

  • This movie would be better as a book.

  • 0:36 I know what U trying to say xD

  • 16:54 Thanos’ weakness

  • I love these so much😂please do more

  • Great joke new Zealand shootout hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha nice more joke let killing people right is so fun right PEWDIEPIE

  • Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau should collaborate to make a super epic movie

  • holy shit I thought he was orgasming, that was not the pained cry for a lost lover


  • 10:32

  • That scene... Neil: I don’t have money for this! *breaks expensive laptops* *has to make movie budget low because of broken laptops*

  • That lady was the best actress in Vegas lol

  • RTX The latest in useless design.

  • He has so many computers because he had to make sure that t series doesn't win

  • Petition for desert santa to hold meme reveiw 👇👇

  • who else guessed laptop 😅😅

  • me:1000 POUNDS! DO YOU THINK IM RICH Pewds:Well yes ;-; Me:well ok ummm Pewds:*BROFISTS* Me:WHYYYYYYYYYYYY *dies*

  • D E S E R T S A N T A

  • I'm sorry but why Neil's under eyes looked like he's using a concealer and theb not properly blended it.....

  • Why does he sound like the voice acting from the first Silent Hill?

  • RTS is Radio Televizija Srbija lmao


  • Neil Breen liked this video.

  • Next film by Neil Breen will be about PewDiePie vs T Series starring Neil Breen as PewDiePie and T Series!

  • he's gonna find The Rock in the rock

  • Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda