The Spiders and the Bees

Paskelbta 8 Kov 2019
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • Wait did u read Chartles Web cuz wilbert


  • I bought your book!!!

  • Well damn. I live in Australia.

  • Wasps are mean!!!

  • what animation app do you use

  • Do you know the Brazialian wandering spider is the deadliest spider

  • Spiders are scary looking. End of story.

  • I just finished reading your book. Yay

  • Bees are suicidal

  • What animation app do you use

  • 7:33

  • You need a intro

  • 7:35 lol

  • Hey James. I got some good news. I was surfing through the App Store and found a Neopets game. I remember from your video when you talked about how much you like Neopets and when I saw this I thought: oh my gosh James like This. By the way James if you're reading this can you please give me a shout-out on my channel. I've been a fan of yours for a while now and and I've seen all of your videos. I love you and jaiden and swoozie, plus alex. But out of them all your the best. My family likes to sit down and watch you at my house during dinner. Your the best. Your table top games video is my favorite one. Keep up the humor

  • Wait, he doesn't have merch? Petition to have merch!

  • 0:37

  • Hi james! I love your videos! But, I also wanted to say that I’m moving to Arizona! (I will find you :), jk im not *THAT* creepy)

  • Bees don’t hurt

  • just honey bees :P my bad

  • bees are an imported species and actually do more harm then good to most states, like north america for example. its been backed up thet them dying out in some states is good for the environment.

  • 2:01 R.I.P. Harry the moth

  • Has anybody ever watched Eight Legged Freaks? Yeah, that gave me my arachnidphobia

  • #SendThemHumansToTheRanch

  • i liek spiders

  • #TeamSpider ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)

  • once i had a wasp in my shoe.


  • I got stung by 2 wasps at the same time.

  • Your near 11 million now

  • I’l be nice and calmly place it outside *BUT* if it makes any sudden moves or bites me, I’m giving it an immediate free nonstop flight to Narnia.

  • Idk why but I watched this video 5 times lol

  • I got stung by a pencil....i can explain

  • 6:31 Scorbunny?

  • once(twice) i had a bee climb up on my arm, and it was the same bee. mentally scarred on the inside.....

  • Lmao matpat at the beginning

  • Wuut

  • Spiders are cool

  • ALSO, are you SURE dogs and puppies are the most not most dangerous animals? That prob'ly made NO sense XD

  • Im happy that in my country there arent even spiders that can bite me or are bigger then 4 centimeters

  • Those animals are racist (Black....Brown....White.....)

  • I’m not kidding i got sting by a dead bee a literal dead bee in a pool (don’t ask how)

  • Is that Luni in the kangaroo thing?

  • Rice gum is mad at you

  • Will spiders kill me if im a healthy kid but not healthy adult?

  • I’ve got stung by a wasp

  • I’m #teamKILLTHEMALL!

    • Uh. . . I don't think you should Kill The Mall. . . The Mall is a GREAT shopping place! Hope you're aware, I know what u said but. . . yea


  • Ummm you know that in Italy the spider is a problem....

  • 3:13 now thats just depressing

  • Play brawl stars

  • Tch uhh well uhh james You have more subscribers than your favorite youtuber.. nnghch :/

  • Reaction to you winning that Mr beast airsoft thing please!! Btw love ur videos :)

  • I have been bitten by a BEE more then 5 times...And I dont hate them but it hurt QwQ

  • I have a suggestion 4 u and jaiden. Watch the show RWBY. Customize the weapons. PLZ.

  • 2:55 1 EYES?

  • There’s a thing called spring ( I think you’ve heard of it ) and there are a ton of bees at my school and once my friend just jumped and hugged me in pure fear and it took two seconds to walk away from the bees. She still has the fear....she still jumps and hug me.... still

  • I once got stung by 5-7 bees (a massive species) when I was 5 I think lmao I can still remember the pain

  • You were playing minecraft in a meme video

  • 6:30 Well yes but actually no.

  • Honey bees in North America are actually an invasive species, and are taking all of the food from other kinds of bees/various pollinators, who then slowly die off. Honey bees are from Europe, and should stay in Europe for the safety of other bees.

  • Play Tetris 99

  • Gonna hit 11 million soon

  • Once I got chased in the blacktop by a bee, I almost cried

  • My friend Ali says “you hurt my widdle friend!” When someone kills a spider

  • Why the fuck do killer bees exist? Fuck them

  • I hate bees they can all die I don’t care

  • I never been by a spider but I always got stung by a bee just one since I was like I don't know my friend pushed me at the mini car since I was little into that I cry a lot it was so scary

  • 2:14 james just stop,we already know your a furry

  • When I see a spider I run into a different room and scream at my sister to get it outside. Then I won't enter the room again until the following day. If I have to go into the room, such as if it was in the bathroom, I will be looking around continuously as if there was a serial killer in the area.

  • Mk. First of all, once you get bitten by a spider you’ll be like FRICKIN HECK THAT HURT SPIDERS SUCK!! Second of all bees suck and so do wasps.

  • Theodd1sout is just a poor guy with nothing but loneliness

  • I never knew you were into don’t hug me I’m scared I was going down in the comments and I just saw you

  • You know what *Fuck WASPS*

  • A bee once landed on my eye I sat there quietly as my friends panicked as if the world was ending Thank god it didn’t sting me do

  • 1:21 That was based off of a Spider-Man comic back I 19 something I don't know the exact date but it was a comic where Peter Parker had a side effect on his powers and he grew 8 arms and looked frikin terrifying with a mouth of the design that u see at 1:21 just an Easter egg....I guess Also I just watched Spider-Man into the spider verse and now I have a sudden urge to play Lego marvel superheroes 2 again as Miles Morales

  • Can we talk about Hornets and Yellow Jackets

  • I killed a bee today O-O

  • 7:56 why somebody spitting out alot off bees wth

  • I hate spiders. And bees scare me a little but I also won't kill them lol. But spiders nope gotta die

  • Put one of james' videos on 0.25. Thank me later.

  • The most useless insect is the wasp What do they do for us, they make ugly nest unlike bees or spiders and they don't make anything like honey yea they can polonate but not intentionally any way, way more things will polonate too

  • When will the winner of the vid con raffle be announced?

  • Shark aren’t dangerous it’s just accidentally kill you because they think that you are there food

  • 1:20 II like that you drew PS4 Spider-Man! Keep up the good work James!

  • 0:37 Like a friggen pervert XD

  • Happy b-day man "I don't now when it is buuuuuuuut Happy b-day

  • wait Matpat is in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got bit by a spider before IT WAS A FAKER but it was brown

  • Hmm... Tell that to Charlotte😎

  • Well, I once got bitten by one. I got a huge rash and they needed to take out little egg things out of my leg. :\

  • 7:34 this is just great

  • I love how he made the shark (it was cute(

  • Me: *see’s spider in bathroom* Parents: “I don’t know how the house burned down!” Me: “Oh I saw a spider.” Parents: “Reasonable.”

  • My friend has gotten stung by a wasp

  • You make the weirdest things enjoyable

  • 4:39 what about lions. They keep multiple animal populations in check so they're doing good for the environment too and they kill less humans than mosquitos do so it's not even that dangerous for us but people are still afraid of them wanna fly to Africa and be friends with one??

  • Based on my observations, bees are attracted to bright colors so be careful not to put on a colorful shirt when you go outside ✋

  • I thank my dad for buying me your book

  • This video is true even about the wasp