Wish.com Vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

Paskelbta 14 Kov 2019
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Wish.com deals, a wishing well, troll, and pond scum… Just another day in the office! GMM #1503
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  • 8:50 bruh come on guys not here

  • If you get the guy next to the well in your video again tell him to shut up next time pls :)

  • 8:50 smh

  • 8:50 - 8:54

  • Think this might mave been the first Rhet and Link video I've ever disliked

  • i kinda feel bad that Rhett didn't get the sword

  • You guys made a video about how wish is all knock offs. Why would you do this?

  • Rhett: *This is deadly... if I win I'm taking this* lol

  • This isn't as bad until you realize Wish sells butt plugs.

  • 8:49 (law and order) (dun dun)

  • Denim shorts were invented by Lemmy

  • 311 that guys knows his music 3-11 3-3-11!!!!!!!!!

  • Lays potatoe chip bag original price 359$!! Wish.coms price on this flake of toenail with a Lays logo? 3 cents!!! What savings!!!

  • You're fun Balthazar 😂

  • Find someone who looks at you the way that Link looks at sharp objects

  • I LIVE IN SANTA FE also: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPOINTED in you guys. wish is no good. in fact it dosent even deserve a capital letter

  • Got a wish ad

  • sell outs

  • They should stop playing with that "facial device", Rhett looked too used to it

  • if y'all whined as much about world hunger as you did about a wish sponsorship, we'd be in a better world

  • I haven't seen GMM in a while. I love the new intro. I assume its been around for a few months by now.

  • when rhett put on the shorts i about busted a gut from laughing so much

  • The "troll", the guy that played him, has never once been funny or even mildly entertaining in a single bit.

  • Bad episode.

  • Wish=Bad=Conterfeit=Bad=NotDiscount

  • Make another music video in Rhett and link

  • Hahahaahahah felllas..... wish?!?

  • Yes

  • I keep getting amazed by your props quality! 👍

  • Is no one gonna talk about 8:50

  • $350 for a face steamer, you’ve got to be STUPID to believe any of this

  • Why i just cliked on thi vid and i see a wish ad just why


  • Just turn the comments off - just .. do it lol

  • All respect has been lost for you guys now. Wish doesn’t sell discounted items, they sell counterfeits. Such a shame

  • 9:17 11:43 3, 11, 3, 3, 11! Anyone?

  • Link: "OHHHHH IT'S A *FACE* DEVICE?!!?!?!?!!?

  • Yep, it's an ad. *That's just sad.*

  • Daddys ♡

  • Only in advertising their site will you get products that actually work or are decently built.

  • yikes

  • This just proves the fact that retail prices on wish are pure BS

  • The first time the pond scum was sprayed, my dog farted at that exact moment, better than Virtual Reality?

  • shills

  • where is chase?

  • 4:41 *beeping* *russian accent*

  • I WISH that I could DISLIKE this video more than just the once.

  • 6:32 woooaah Rhett keep it kid friendly

  • Damn, I was really hoping for a discount code 😂😂

  • yes, children is totally the reason why Link isn't taking hope the weapon

  • jordan is a legend

  • Oh Jordan, I love you.

  • Omg I love ur new intro

  • They should probably know that those retail numbers on the app are not real, the are grossly enlarged.

  • I hear there’s slavery in that company.

  • Im entertained by all of the "ethical problems" comments when nobody would bat an eye if Nike was the sponsor, where the aforementioned problems are very similar.

  • I WISH you hadn't done this sponsorship guys ;(

  • Hello everybody and good mythical morning

  • let us meet your children sometime! :)

  • I have been using Wish, Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate, and ioffer for well over a year. Never had a single issue with ANY of them.

  • Ad?

  • Agreed with everyone else sponsors are fine but wish is bad man

  • uploaded on my brithday

  • First thumbs down I ever gave this channel.

  • 8:49 If someone skipped to this then they will be scared for life.

    • I am NOTHING finally I see someone commenting on something else besides complaining bout wish (and indeed u r correct)

  • okay so Link is def Dana Carvey's doppleganger.

  • Rhet "this looks deadly" also Rhet " i want it"

  • Bad decision guys.

  • Disappointment intensifies

  • 8:50 oh no... please for the love of god don’t do that again

  • What's with all this Wish hate? I get that it's shitty in some aspects but small things are perfectly fine to get off of Wish. I just want a normal argument from someone.

  • 8:50 that’s all ima say

  • Ermagerd Retail price is 999 doll hairs, buy it here for 26! yeaaaaah no. imaginay retail-prices, counterfeit/knockoff items, not actualy CE typed electronics or items, actualy no real certification for saftey ruling on any device or item. Fraudlent shipping methods. aaah what a site to sponsor!

  • "Hey you guys should swallow those teeth and uh... later look around for them in your poop." -Balthazar 2019

  • Dude I just realized I’ve been watching since before 1 mill and now your at 15 mil

  • if you buy bad things off of their site, you have Wishues.

  • Is...that cotton candy randy but..without the candy?

  • Rhett didnt get sprayed for missing the bucket though

  • I bought the same katana months before this vid lol

  • Did you guys see the video of Rhett freaking out bc he had links chair

  • Imagine walmart being cheaper than wish sometimes. Wish prices are just random

  • They are not retail prices... Idk where you guys getting those numbers from

  • I am a long time GMM supporter, but really can't support this. Serious ethical issues with WISH - and this was super marketing-y. Lost my trust in you a bit, Rhett and Link.

  • i wonder if they ordered it 2 months in advanced....

  • Don't care about controversy too busy laughing at Jordan as a troll and appreciating the creativity of the game.


  • 2:39 I think hes practicing for something else...

  • 8:50 close your eyes Mega lol

  • This sponsorships really hurts your credibility. I should have known you value money over morals.

  • If i could, i would give this episode more then one thumb down...

  • WAYFAIR IS JUST WHAT I NEED? Is that the right jingle?

  • *Seems legit* _hmm no_

  • wait is rhett diabetic?

  • Shameless add disguised as a video

    • +GaTech379 1. I wish content was still created for entertainment 2. Im a teen who is out of things to complain about

    • Elijah Wiklund why? It really doesn't matter

    • +GaTech379 Me

    • Elijah Wiklund dude who cares

  • Wow, one ginormous ad for a sketchy site that sells garbage.

  • The only good things on Wish are accessories. Good for you guys for getting that $$$ but you're going to make a lot of people waste their 💰 on broken or lost items.

  • [Everyone disliked that.]

  • Just a quick warning, if something costs 17$ on wish the retail price is about 1/10 of that. Everything you see on wish can be bought cheaper on eBay and ten times cheaper on taobao.com. Don’t trust me? Fine, go get scammed.

  • So you guys are gonna complain about them taking a wish sponsorship, but not talk about 8:49?

  • You lost a subscriber today.